Jeu de porte-clés avec miroirs à personnaliser


The pack includes:

  • Everything you need to make personalized mirror keyrings – 100 sets to make 100 mirrored keyrings
  • Available in 45 and 58mm
  • These components are compatible with all our badge machines


Set of key rings with mirrors to personalize

Our set of key rings with mirrors to personalize is the perfect product for those who want to create original designs. Its simplistic design coupled with its global popularity makes it an essential product range for our customer.

With a range of varied sizes of personalized mirror keyrings, you will be able to create the perfect mirrored keyring for people all over the world
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E-badges offers a diverse product line to meet the needs and desires of a wide audience, with an excellent level of service. Among the collection of generic badges offered, we offer products such as medals with ribbons; many types of key rings (standard, mirror and bottle opener); customizable mirrors; many types of magnets / magnets (standard, bottle opener, clothing). This wide range of products will contribute to the development of your business. You will be able to offer a wide choice of personalized items.

We want, where possible, to collaborate with our customers. If you’ve created designs that you’d like to share, let E-badges know and we’ll do our best to share them!

What is the difference between a Micro, Mini and Maxi badge machine?

All of our badge machines produce the exact same professional quality products. The only difference between our machines is the speed at which they can operate.

  • The Micro is the lightest machine and can produce up to 210 badges per hour.
  • The Mini is our mid-range machine, which can produce up to 300 badges per hour.
  • The Maxi is our most robust machine and can produce up to 480 badges per hour.

Please note: these speeds depend on the operator!

Qu’est-ce qui est inclus exactement dans ce pack?

This pack includes all the items you will need to make your own mirrors: Metal front, clear plastic (mylar) round, plastic keyring sheath (comes with rings), mirrors and self-adhesive pads.

100 sets to make 100 mirror keychains.

Pourquoi utiliser des tampons / pads autocollants?

The double-sided self-adhesive pads are placed on the back of the mirror during manufacturing to ensure everything stays in place – watch the videos below to see exactly how to use them.

Comment puis-je fabriquer ces badges épingles personnalisés?

Here is a useful and explanatory video:

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